An Unknown Journey to the Light


My personal journey through life is a journey about light.
As a photographer that is obvious.
But am I chasing the light or is it chasing me?
What is the light telling me?
Am I finding the answers?
Or is the light the answer?

‘Interpret night photography’ was my first ever photography assignment and from that moment, at 18 years of age, I knew I had found my calling. Since that day my photography would evolve in the darkness of night. I love the darkness, the isolation and it makes me work in a way that the universe, the earth, becomes my playground. The darkness becomes my home, my studio and in this darkness I am always drawn to the light- the star trails, the faintness of a distant city, the passing cars. In this playground I become alive, my life has purpose, my mind’s eye can begin to conceptualize, aspire and guide me to achieve what my naked eye will never be able to perceive. Fortunately my calling, photography, enables the manifestation of my creations.

So I set off into the night- I was to discover the production and source of light.

Now that I had found the source, I was able to set my course. My creativity began to pour from in to out. In to out. The disconnection between humanity and nature became apparent to me. I was part of both but knew I had to get closer to nature again to get closer to humanity and to myself. An unknown part of me (that I was soon to meet) was behind my incessant need to capture these rays of light. In the beginning I felt the light was chasing me. But then a confronting, blinding white light beckoned me to alter my course and follow him. I then began to follow him into the beast, the dark underbelly, crossing the infinite barriers of darkness and light. I became aware of the fact that, whether I was chasing the light or it was chasing me, the knowledge, the period of self-discovery is how this series came to be.

I believe that we as Souls are all connected and that the lights in my pictures represent individuals guiding me, whom I may or may not ever meet on “My unknown Journey to the light”.