Love – A Nonlinear Timeline


1. The Beginning, Taghazout, Morocco, 2014
His eyes pierced my soul, time stood still, wake up he gestures as he floats in front of me, come join the party and let life be.

2. The U Turn, Casablanca, Morocco, 2014
The U turn awaits, an unknown yet exhilarating fork lies ahead, the road to darkness is that less travelled and the road to the light is hard to find, it becomes clear as I looks back in time, where I must go, what road to take, to best navigate this vessel, which ultimately is left to fate.

3. The Road, Valletta, Malta, 2015
Ihead to the Source, to self discovery, to me.

4. The Source, Valletta, Malta, 2015
Pass that Bridge and you shall see The Light and in the near future, the path to me.

5. Religion is but me, Valletta, 2015
Iawake from my slumber to see that religion is but me, as I have become a believer in the One…… that was put here on this earth to be not only the sun, but the darkness of night and even those who, let’s face it, have lost all hope and are no fun.

6. The Door, Faroe Island, 2015
Between myself and ‘the Door’ was the Sea, which was slowly becoming me, would I lay trapped on board, by day, by night, gazing at the stars, oh they shine so bright, what is the lesson they wish to share, are they trying to rid my incessant need, to persist, to exist, outside of me.

7. Highway into the night, let’s begin, this journey we are in, Faroe Island, 2015
Let’s leave it behind that life I have known, I want to grow, I want to explore, I want to see and feel what’s beyond the Door.

8. But wait for it is not far, Crater, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
Not far from where the light is coming, just past the creator, that I can see, lying here in front of me, shall I run at speed to get to the end………or shall I learn to go with the flow and realize then time is not a mime but just a clever rhyme.

9. Crater Road, Crater, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
A clever one is he? I must see where this road goes, as who will ever know? but those who pick up their bags and go. I land in New Zealand, where it began. The idea grew within, telling me to flee the university degree and that path of life which wasn’t meant for me, instead I would turn, turn and run and never forget the feeling of chasing the sun.

10. A Sign, Maui Hawaii2013
I look up to see, a sign in front of me, the brightness of the sun leaves it silhouetted and hard to read, is it a warning that I failed to see, was there a road block ahead of me.

11.  Road Block, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
A gateway to hell? that my eyes were yet to perceive, staring into his soul which tries to reach up tome, through the surge of the ocean, he paces back and forth hoping to rewrite our future and course.

12.  Do I turn to the Sky, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
For he seems like such a nice guy, all those stories, he read to me as I sat on my pew, moments like these were few. The man was once light but now is darkness, he goes by greed and tries to control his every seed.

13. Up stream, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
I head up steam to try and clean.

14.  That Moonlit Night, Iceland- 2015
Within the hut, able to rest, rest and recover from the journey of Hawaii late last summer. Light appears from behind the clouds, strengthening and invoking the lost soul from his sanctuary.

15.  Fence to the moon, Iceland, 2015
Towards the Moon, over the hill, now back on my path, no time to kill, over my shoulder I look back to say, he who never listens… ‘ although we will never align, you in my eyes will always be divine’.

16.  Constant Shudder, North Bimini,  The Bahamas, 2013
I rushed back to sea, yet the universe had other plans for me, thrashing my soul until I would finally see, that pathwas not meant for me.

17. Time stood Still, North Bimini, The Bahamas, 2013
The air was thick, the storm approached fast, I would have to be quick, I would have to be smart, although I was trained, I knew something was wrong. My body said no but my soul said yes and I veered left, set across the path, to a future, where I had forgotten or maybe just left my past.

18.  I now move forth, Loggerhead Key, Florida, USA, 2013
As I have fixed the rudder and its constant shudder. I leave the broken behind, remaining inside for if Istay that way, I will climb and begin to see what my eyes are yet to perceive.

19.  Another Form, Loggerhead Key, Florida, USA, 2013
It is back, for my eyes to see, yet another form imposing its self on me. Its closer now, clear as day, the dark and the light, in a constant fight. Perhaps my ego is right.

20.  Am I dead?, Loggerhead Key, Florida, USA, 2013
A hard hit to the head, am I dead? Ego disappear…. You will prevent me, from what my eyes are destined to see. Ego snaps back….. but I am wise, if you could only see your future is inside of me.

21.  The Reeds, Road Trip to Prague, Czech Republic, 2013
A hurdle I must face and pass with haste.

22. Is it just a lake in front of me, Road Trip to Prague, Czech Republic, 2013
That day a dreamer was born, he had passed through the Reeds. Now Hawaii was in the future or was it past? It is now clear that he was never a gateway to hell, but was sent to crack my shell,

23.  Horizon that we failed to see, Maui, Hawaii, 2013
When I shot this you see, it was as clear as the horizon that we fail to see, this storm that was about to approach it would be fast, faster then the last. It would hit hard and light would become dark, day becomes night and I was destined to be up for yet another fight.

24. A few black sheep, Faroe Islands, 2015
At first it was just a breeze, a few black sheep in front of me.

25.  Many Doors, Dry Tortugas, Dry Tortugas National Park,Florida,USA, 2013
Then it hit, it hit hard, each door, each storm worse then the last. I felt it would never end and began down that path of the less travelled road again.

26.  Glass shattering,Faroe Islands, 2015
The light could not break through and shattered like glass. How long would I allow this to last?

27.  Dream Chaser, Iceland, 2015
Heading to the darkness, two guiding lights, seeking out the dreams as they form and then disappear into the night.

28.  The Wave of a Dream, Iceland, 2015
Follow the yellow brick road, as your dream waves you through to the next chapter of life, let it encapsulate you.

29. Love – A nonlinear Timeline, Seychellles, 2014
Finally my dream, my dream is in sight and it is no longer set at night, it is clear, I have found Love, now my heart can ignite, my soul has being set free, free to finally be me.