Nocturnal Forest – Were we the first?


During an intensely deep, challenging period, when I felt stuck and uncommunicative I found Gregory Crewsdon. The dark slightly macabre romantic undertone of his work psychologically challenged me. I began to question the message that I wanted to articulate and how I would achieve that. It was a moving experience- it pulled me out of the space that I was in. In the months that followed I found the voice for my first body of work. This is an on going project in which I want to shed light on the beauty and alien like qualities of which nature gives us a reason to fight for and protect the future of our planet. I wish you to navigate this theme through an exploratory lens of mystery, wonder and appreciation, as I have. I want my audience to fall into my landscapes and leave their worries behind, I present to you Nocturnal Forest- were we the first?


“Having closely followed the work of Fletcher Bayly for almost a decade, I consider this latest collection some of his finest work to date. These conceptual landscapes build on a highly unique combination of camera technique, detail and artistic vision that challenges the viewer through conflicting narratives. Are they beautiful and uplifting? Are they sinister? Do they exist? The viewer is left to draw ambiguous conclusions about the dreamscapes perhaps based on their own real-life experience of forests, or perhaps from dreams of fantasy worlds or even from movies…with a sense of resolve provided by the intentional symmetry of most of the creations. Whatever the conclusion, these works convey a sense of maturity, growth and evolution in Bayly’s career as a notable fine art photographer” David Evans.